The interview

“Physician negligence or patient whimsy?”

“How to act in the case of poor health care services”

“Protecting patients’ rights”

“Holding medical professionals accountable: problem of qualification and proof of guilt of the doctor”


Doctor’s choice declaration: why, how and when to sign it.

Vaccinations: pros and cons. The legal side.

Vaccination in Q&A – Guidelines from the Medical, Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics Committee of the UNBA.

Disclosure of patient information without his or her legal representative’s consent.

Doctor’s right to refuse further management of the patient.

On the behavior of parents in the case of a child’s enterovirus disease while on holiday abroad.

Oath of doctor in Ukraine: legal force and responsibility for violations.

What are the internal rules of work in health care facilities? What is the responsibility for their non-compliance? There are any exceptions when in violation of the rules, admission to the hospital is legal?

Medical technology documents: features, purpose and control of execution.

Advice for patients on how to act when their rights are being violated.

Legal aspects of surrogate motherhood.

The right of admission to the patient of visitors (other medical professionals, family members, guardian, guardian, notary and lawyer, as well as the clergyman).

Questions about possible actions and responsibilities in case of refusal of private and public health care institutions to provide emergency medical care.

Refusal of the patient for medical intervention.