It is well known that business partnership disputes (including family businesses) are effectively resolved through the mediation. Nowadays the service of mediation of agreements before the beginning of business partnership is relevant.

Marriage is an important step in every couple’s life. Doubts that embrace the bride before the wedding are quite a normal thing, even if they genuinely love each other, because starting a family life is a serious step. But how do you know if you’re really ready for that step? Do your life priorities and visions of future life the same?

Family life is a concept in which each of us puts our own meaning. A professional mediator in a welcoming informal atmosphere directs the dialogue of future spouse in the right direction, allowing them to discuss their wishes for their future life without fear of offending the other, to express their intentions, hear each other and reach a mutually beneficial solution.

Mediation before the marriage registration will help the couple to understand  what they really expect from this union and from each other, and whether their life goals are the same. The decision to officially register a marriage is a confirmation of the seriousness of the relationship, the imposition of many obligations. So, it is important to make the right choice, about which you will not regret then!

Divorce statistics after the introduction of the possibility of marriage in 24 hours confirm the need for such a service for couples who decided to make a family.