Successful cooperation of advocate and client builds on trust. While working with a lawyer you should share all details of your case, without trying to conceal or distort some facts in the same way as while talking to a doctor. Of course, it will be hard to do so if an advocate does not inspire your trust or respect. In order to choose the right lawyer, you have to learn more about that person and make sure that you are ready to entrust care and management of your important case to that particular person.

So, who are we and why you should choose the Garo Law Office?

Our values:

We believe that the determination of the initial conflict’s reasons is the best way to find the most effective way to resolve it.

We are professionals in our business and proud that clients appreciate and recommend us.

We do not take cases in all existing spheres of law because we believe that specialization is a key to an effective advocate’s work. We suggest our services only in spheres where we are confident in our professionalism, familiar with all actual tendencies and last changes in legislation, and have many years of experience and successful cases.

We want to be honest with our clients, therefore, won’t guarantee you 100% victory in court but we can guarantee total integrity, cooperation, and effectiveness aimed at the successful resolution of your case.

We apply an individual approach to each client.

We do not stick to some strict frameworks and are ready for any interesting, unusual cases and suggest creative ways to deal with your issue.

We are constantly professionally developing and studying in order to follow the newest tendencies of our business.

Our goal is to resolve your dispute rather than “fight” with your opponent for years at your expense. We are not willing to have you as a regular long-term client and prefer to add your case to a list of our victories, so, it won’t bother you anymore.

We are ready to protect our clients’ rights and interests in all possible courts. In the meantime, we are always willing to suggest you different alternatives and resolve your dispute in an extrajudicial (peaceful) way to minimize your expenses of money, time, and nerves.

Are you still not sure that you should start to work with us? So, visit our pages on social media and learn more about us! Maybe especially after a visit to the Garo Law Office your way to a happy life without conflicts and disputes will start.