Probably everyone will agree that the greatest value of any person is her family. However, many families around the world on the path to a healthy and happy family (which is undeniably hard to imagine without childish laughter) face infertility problems and the need to use the cutting-edge technology offered by modern medicine in this area.

According to the European Association for Human Reproduction and Embryology, each of the six pairs in the world is experiencing infertility at least once during the reproductive period. According to research in Ukraine, there is currently a demographic crisis and the very use of advanced technologies in medicine can be one of the ways to overcome it.

For many couples, reproductive medicine is becoming a real salvation to the dream of giving birth to their own children. At the same time, the passing of medical programs DRT often requires future parents not only significant physical and emotional efforts, but also the proper legalization of relations with the clinic of reproductive medicine, and in some cases with other participants in medical procedures, as is the case in surrogate maternity programs.

Law Office of Ganna Garo provides legal services and legal assistance in the field of support of auxiliary reproductive technologies:

• counseling on issues related to the use of DRT programs;
• Legal support during meetings and communication with participants of reproductive programs;
• development and analysis of agreements between participants in auxiliary reproductive programs;
• Choosing the best way to legalize the rights of potential parents;
• development and signing of information and legal documents;
• preparation of notarial documents;
• legal support for conducting DNA tests for the establishment (confirmation) of paternity;
• assistance in solving problem situations in consulates, emigration service, law enforcement agencies;
• pre-judicial settlement of conflict situations;
• complex litigation and representation of clients in courts of all instances;

Surrogate motherhood and DRT technologies have their supporters and critics and there is plenty of time to argue about their moral and ethical aspects, but one can clearly state one thing: with the help of reproductive technologies, the joy of paternity becomes a reality for those people for whom it is impossible to bear pregnancy and childbirth or complicated by medical indications.

Іnternational auxiliary reproductive technologies (ART) programs – practice of Law Office of Ganna Garo