The law office is not only a specialist in the field of law, but also a family doctor, first and foremost, entrusted to all members of the Family, which helps to effectively overcome possible problematic issues in all spheres of life of Ukrainian citizens and foreigners, starting from escort pregnancy, the settlement of property and non-property disputes, the conclusion of contracts, registration of inheritance and payment of taxes.

Since 2014, Anna Garo has been the Chairman of the AAU’s Family Law Committee. In 2016, Anna Garo received the AAU Award as BETTER CHIEF OF THE COMMITTEE, and the Family Law Committee was recognized as the best committee in 2016.

In 2017, Anna Garo joined the Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics NAAU, was elected the First Vice-President of the Association “All-Ukrainian Foundation for Organizational and Legal Support of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Programs”, took part in the working group of lawyers that developed the Law Of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Enhancement of the Protection of the Right of the Child to Proper Maintenance by Improving the Procedure for Recovery of Maintenance” No. 4928 dated 08.07.2016 and prepared an explanation of major novels of the Law. She also participated in numerous radio and television broadcasts, where she was an expert on medical and family law, and also published more than 10 articles in specialized Internet editions.

You can watch the video of the performances of articles in the following links:

Irreparable consequences of mothers’ manipulation of material wealth in exchange for their father’s ability to see children

11 novels of Legislation on the Right to Child Support: In Simple Words

The rights of children and parents, the duties of the respective workers and animators in the children’s and entertainment areas of the Trade Centers, Shopping and Entertainment Centers

Anna Garo is nominated in the fields of family and medical law.

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