Law Office of Ganna Garo provides legal services and legal assisstance in sports law:

– legal support of activity (economic and professional) in the field of sport;

– protection of patients’ rights and legitimate interests in the sphere of sport and advice on different kinds of sports disputes;

– development and legal analysis of statutory documents, supporting documents (provisions, regulations, rules), labour, sponsorship contracts, athlete, coaching, sporting clubs (federations) agreements;

– representation of clients in judicial, extra- judicial, diciplinary and other bodies of state authority, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, including courts of arbitration for sport, etc;

– participation in negotiations for the alternative settlement of sports disputes, negotiation of contracts and agreements, transfers;

– legal support in conducting sporting events;

– other legal services related to sport.

Law Office of Ganna Garo is the legal partner of Tennis Business League.

Interesting aspects of sports legal relations.