The legal institution of marriage contract is the most important novels of the modern family legislation in the world in the contractual regulation of marital relations around ownership and property relations in the family as a whole.
The need for its existence in the society today objectively and naturally caused the current state of socio-economic development, the continuing evolution of family relationships and positive attitude to family contractual regulation of property relations.
The purpose of the existence of the marriage contract can be considered the need for proper regulation of property rights and interests of citizens with different property status in the modern state formation in market relations, and promoting more free disposal of the marital property.
As a way to prevent possible conflicts, marriage contract provides harmony of interests of a single member of the family and society, playing with regulatory function.
Details of the procedure for the conclusion, possible conditions, rights and obligations of the parties responsible and the grounds for declaring the marriage contract invalid, see the materials links in Ukrainian language:
1. Place a marriage contract in the contracts.
2. The procedure and conditions of the marriage contract.
3. The subject of the marriage contract.
4. Object of the marriage contract.
5. The rights and obligations of the marriage contract.
6. Determination of the marriage contract law on hold.
7. Interesting facts about the provisions of the marriage contract.
8, amendment, termination of the marriage contract.
9. Interesting enforcement, change, annulment of the marriage contract.
10. The responsibility of the parties to the marriage contract.
11. Grounds for recognizing the marriage contract invalid.
12. Guarantee the rights of creditors and other persons by the marriage contract.
13. Proposals for amendments on the regulation of the marriage contract.
14. The list of sources used in the materials.Also about marriage contract please refer to the presentation in Ukrainian language.  
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