Family Attorney is not only an expert in the field of Family Law, but also like a family doctor first of all can be consider as a proxy for all family members; it is a person who helps Ukrainian and foreign citizens to solve various possible conflict issues in all spheres of life, from the maintenance of pregnancy, settlement of property and non-property disputes, contracts, inheritance, tax and even legal support of business.

Law Office of Ganna Garo works to provide comprehensive legal support and safety for all family members of their clients!

The list of cases  in which we have experience in particular about:

–  the divorce

– the determination of  residence of the child

– the determination the order of participation in bringing up and the regulation of meetings with the other parent

– the recognition or contesting of parenthood

– the recovery of maintenance, the alimony

– the division of marital property

– the actual recognition of marriage and division of marital property

– the deprivation of parental rights

– the childs permission for leaving abroad

– the childs returning to the country of residence (illegal detention)

– the establishment and termination of custody

– the adoption

– the using of assisted reproductive technology services