Law Office of Ganna Garo specializes in a wide range of legal practice and provides assistance in resolving the conflict through mediation (negotiation, mediation). These include:

ASSISTANCE, such as legal support and representation of physical and legal persons’ interests in public authorities, at the stages of pre-trial, trial and after trial settlement of disputes, drafting legal documents in the fields and branches of:

  • Civil, Business and Tax law
  • Family, inheritance, housing, labor, land, health, immigration, sport law
  • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
  • Registration and protection of property rights, including of estate property
  • Recovery of material and moral damages
  • Consumer protection
  • Disputes with banks and financial institutions
  • Protection of foreign investments
  • Law and EU legislation.

LEGAL SERVICES in the areas of:

  • State registration and liquidation of business activity
  • Legal review and development of internal policies, deeds
  • Corporate law, intellectual property protection
  • ntegrated service for economic activity
  • Legal audit company (Due Diligence)
  • Representation in courts of Ukraine and the European Court of Human Rights
  • Representation at the stage of enforcement proceedings.


  • uses the skills of mediation in the provision of legal aid and legal services
  • provides advices at the stages of decision-making about the best way of resolving the dispute (court, negotiation, mediation or arbitration), at the stages of preparation, conduction of mediation or formalization of the results of mediation
  • conducts simple commercial and family mediation, negotiation
  • provides services in the representation of individuals and entities who chose negotiation or mediation as a way to resolve the dispute.

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