27.03.2020 – an article by Ganna Garo and Angelika Arkhipova on “Marital property. How to divide the indivisible?” was published on the website of the UNBA Higher School of Advocacy.

I want to divide a two-room apartment, how will the court do it? One room to me, the other to her?

I want to put the lock in the door and lease my room, let him know how to live in such atmosphere.

We built such a cool house together and now how can we separate our parts in it?

And what about the land, whose it will be?

What is the compensation? I don’t have such money, let him buy back my part!

He doesn’t want to sell our joint property, let’s go to court and make him to do it!

These are usually requests and words of our clients in disputes about the division of marital property.

How to help with this difficult category of cases? How to divide indivisible common marital property?

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