THE FIRST LAW OF THE FAMILY LAW OF AAU 2017, FAMILY MEDIATOR, Chairman of the AAU Family Law Committee 2014-2017, GANNA GARO will provide recommendations and answers on any issues related to the resolution of FAMILY DISPUTES.
The first consultation is FREE!
All those who have conflicts in the field of family law but solicitors and lawyers are invited)))
Please bring with you documents related to your questions.
It is obligatory to have a pre-registration on (indicate name, telephone, briefly the subject of the matter, indicative time for the meeting) or on the wiber 0673906517.
Landmarks: Metro Arsenalna, exit to the left towards the hotel Salyut, not to cross the road, Roshen shop, for the pharmacy turn left to Askolds lane, green house opposite the entrance to the SBU, face to back to the SBU entrance to the left to search, 1 entry, code 16) .
See you!