Finally, we announce a new miracle from the team of medical attorneys GARO & PARTNERS LAW FIRM Ganna Garo and Oleksandr Kornaga – a useful video blog for every family on YOU TUBE channel CUI BONO.
From the first mouth of a well-known and experienced professional obstetrician-gynecologist Yuri Chernykh and his team, mothers and dads can get honest and understandable answers to all the numerous questions about pregnancy planning, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum nursing care! If we previously phoned several doctors, parents, friends, relatives, and checked information, or searched for the truth in the Internet or in special journals, from now all issues will be highlighted on the special YOU TUBE channel CUI BONO

Channel CUI BONO

The first part of the video program “Frank conversation with obstetrician-gynecologist about pregnancy. First trimester Introduction “

The second part of the video program “Neonatologist / Pediatrician, about the benefits of breastfeeding”

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