Ukrainian National Bar Association was established pursuant to the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Practice of Law” and is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental non-commercial and non-profit professional organization that unites all of the advocates of Ukraine with the aim of ensuring the implementation of the objectives of legal profession. It was established on the basis of professional membership.

All-Ukrainian public organization Ukrainian Advocates’ Association is an all-Ukrainian non-profit organization, which was founded on the basis of professional community and unites advocates with the goal of developing the legal profession in Ukraine, increasing the level of legal assistance, enhancing the role and authority of legal advocacy in society and protecting rights and legitimate interests of its members. The activities of the Association cover the whole territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Bar Association – an all-Ukrainian public organization, which aims at developing the legal profession, improving legislation, implementing ethical standards and protecting professional rights of the UBA members and human rights in general.

Public Union “UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF MEDIATION” is a public non-profit association with legal status. The main purpose of its activity is to facilitate the development of mediation in Ukraine as an alternative (non-judicial) method of dispute resolution and enhance a culture of peace and harmony in Ukrainian society.