With the support of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism, the Center for Family Law Studies and the All-Ukrainian Foundation for Legal and Organizational Support for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, participants in this Conference will be able to explore the existing international and national legal problems arising from the implementation of assisted reproductive technologies.

Moderators and speakers at this event will be the leading Ukrainian lawyers and foreign experts who are familiar with the peculiarities of legal regulation of the use of advanced medical technologies.

Among the issues for discussion:

· Family-law aspects of the application of the latest technologies in medicine.

· What is attractive Ukraine for foreign patients in the field of ART? Benefits and risks of inbound tourism for the purpose of reproduction.

· Problems of enforcement in the field of auxiliary reproductive technologies through the prism of judicial practice.

· The right of children born as a result of the application of auxiliary reproductive technologies to information on their genetic background.

· A comparative analysis of the application of surrogate motherhood programs in the United States and Ukraine.

· Variety of contracts concluded in the world in the programs of surrogate motherhood. Trends in the development of legislation.

· Difficulties in determining maternity, paternity and citizenship of children born as a result of programs of surrogate motherhood where potential parents are foreigners. Principles of collisional regulation of legal relationships and jurisprudence.

· Practical aspects of the application of the method of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine.

· Surrogate motherhood through the prism of the law of adoption.

· International adoption and surrogate motherhood from the perspective of Germany.

· Legal issues and risks for foreigners participating in surrogate motherhood programs in Ukraine.