Anna Garo and other advocates, researchers and representatives of government, who are aware of features of the international treaties on the territory of Ukraine and specific of practical application of the individual contracts to family relationships,  acted as coordinators and speakers in the seminar on “International agreements in the legal system of Ukraine: family law aspect “.

Organizers of the event are the Section of international family law of Family law Committee of Association of Advocates of Ukraine in cooperation with the American common law center of Kiev National University, Contemporary Law Studio and Centre for Family Law Studies.

Special attention was given to the international agreements with which Ukrainian lawyers are often have to face by working with family affairs: alimony obligations, adoption, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, international kidnapping of children.

Презентація визнання та виконання рішень іноземних судів по сімейним справам 25 04 17

According to the results of the event an article was published in the newspapers “Yuridicheskaya praktika” (the article can be viewed by the link) and “Law and Business” (the article can be viewed by the link)