Today disputes between patients and doctors are increasingly becoming the subject of discussion on television and the media. As a medical advocate, I mainly provide legal assistance to patients who experience physical and mental suffering as a result of operations, medical interventions, during which something went wrong and as a result physical injury, prolonged treatment, material expenses, depression, etc.

Medical disputes are complex category of cases, and not only because of medical ethics during conducting a medical expertise, or hard work on the gathering of evidence base, or the bringing of a criminal case against a physician before the submission of a suspicion. But also because of the need to quickly develop an effective strategy and tactics for resolving an individual dispute between a physician and a patient (relatives of a patient).

70% of medical disputes are settled pre-trially, when each party receives the desired: the doctor – not disclosure of the conflict, the patient – material compensation for physical and moral harm.

In addition, almost 80% of the resolution of a medical dispute depends on paying attention to the complaints of the patient, his needs and interests, that standing in a legal position.

Therefore, in each conflict there are circumstances that cant be understood or foreseen. Each of us is an individual organism with its non-standard reactions.

That’s what inspired me and the head physician Marina Siruk to create an initiative based on the Law Office of Ganna Garo – the Center for the resolution of medical disputes, whose experts are doctors, lawyers, and mediator

Marina Siruk has a great practical experience of working in conflict situations in medical areas, she is a higher category therapist, has a work experience of 25 years, of which 15 years of experience in private medicine, large medical centers as head physician.

Our initiative is intended to help both doctors and patients to investigate without trial, whether there is a medical mistake, negligence or service negligence, a crime or the fault of the patient, which evidence for a pre-trial investigation or trial should be collected and how, and to find out whether there is a chance to resolve the conflict in the pre-trial order, what actions should be done for this.

The main tasks of the Center for the resolution of medical disputes:

  • A comprehensive rapid analysis of the medical dispute in order to determine the judicial perspective.
  • Preparation of the most effective strategy, plan of action: in pre-trial procedure (negotiations, claim, mediation in the field of medicine), prosecution, trial.
  • Qualitative preparation of legal documents in order to resolve the dispute.
  • Participation in negotiations with a doctor, a hospital for the purpose of pre-trial settlement of a dispute.
  • Prepare the correct professional questions and find an expert doctor who will prepare an expert opinion on ukrainian law, which will be evidence of material and non-pecuniary damage.

Turning to us, you get a quality comprehensive service in solving any conflict in the field of medicine!

We do not waste your time by searching for a medical advocate or medical expert.