Law Office of Ganna Garo provides services in the field of criminal law and procedure to its corporate clients in the complex legal services, and in individual cases. Currently in our country no one can be sure that it will never fall under prosecution. That is why our firm introduces new practice – criminal law and procedure.

We provide assistance in the following areas:
– provide legal assistance in criminal proceedings at all stages: investigation, judicial and special procedures;
– provide training for of the suspect / accused and direct involvement of the lawyer  in the interrogations and other investigative actions;
– provide legal assistance to persons who have been summoned as a witness in criminal proceedings;
– trains company officials for possible interrogation, searches, seizures, law enforcement visits the place of residence or employment;               -consulting and protection of employees of companies called to account for their professional activity;
– assist in conducting various expertise, the choice of the expert institution or expert in the formation of the expert committee in the evaluation and use of findings;
– represents victims in criminal cases;
– organize filing of civil  claims for damages caused by criminal acts;            – appealing decisions, actions or omissions of the pre-trial investigation, prosecutor or investigating judge during the pre-trial investigation;
– analyzes the situation in the case and calculate risks;
– Provides customized development of protection strategies in criminal proceedings, taking into account the existing risks, finding the most suitable options for protection;
– preparation of applications to the European Court of Human Rights.